NALED patrons 2023

It is with great pleasure that we present the Patrons of NALED, organizations that play a prominent role in member support and engagement in reforms that contribute to the improvement of the economic environment and the common public benefit in Serbia.

ASEE - a leader in the field of ICT, whose software solutions drive the entire domestic financial industry, from banks, to large enterprises, to state institutions. The company has over 560 employees in Serbia and is part of the Asseco South Eastern Europe group, a regional leader in the development of its own software solutions and services in the South Eastern Europe region in the financial sector, public administration, administration and Telecom. The Asseco South Eastern Europe group employs more than 3,800 people in 23 countries. It is among the largest ICT companies in Europe.

It supports the implementation of key projects and initiatives of the association such as the Grey Book of Regulations and the Business Friendly Certification of Municipalities in Southeast Europe (BFC SEE). As the president of NALED Executive Board, the Director of ASEE Dejan Đokić works as a volunteer and provides support in the implementation and promotion of the organization's program activities.

Gomex - regional leader in the field of wholesale and retail. Gomex is a modern retail network focused on consumer goods, the concept of fresh products and the format of neighborhood stores. As part of the Gomex trade chain, over 250 retail establishments operate throughout Serbia. With around 2,400 employees, it is one of the largest employers in the country. Business is carried out in accordance with the most modern European standards, the application of which allows providing the best possible service to the consumer, from the selection of items to favorable prices.

It stands for fair competition and provides support in defining measures and recommendations to combat the shadow economy, as well as strengthening awareness of the importance of paying taxes and fighting against illegal trade. As a long-time member of NALED's Managing Board, the president of Gomex's Supervisory Board, Goran Kovačević, voluntarily invests his time and expertise in order to contribute to the development and realization of NALED's socially responsible mission.

Philip Morris International (PMI) - a company that leads the transformation in the tobacco industry and aims to create a future without tobacco smoke, operates in Serbia through two branches, Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš (PMOP) and Philip Morris Services d.o.o. (PMSE) and employs more than 900 people throughout the country. Since 2003, when it became the owner of the largest Serbian tobacco factory - "Fabrika duvana" a.d. Niš (DIN) through one of the most successful privatizations in Serbia, PMI invested about 900 million dollars in its Serbian branch. The factory in Niš is one of the most modern in the global network of PMI factories, while Belgrade has become the company's regional headquarters for Southeast Europe (SEE) as well as one of the centers of expertise for PMI's financial operations.

It provides support for the promotion of innovation and technological development in Serbia, through the launch of the StarTech project in cooperation with NALED and the establishment of the first private fund for awarding non-refundable grants to startups and small and medium-sized enterprises for digital transformation and innovation development. The company participates in the work of the Fair Competition Alliance and makes an active contribution to the development and implementation of the Program for Countering Shadow Economy.

Post of Serbia - the largest infrastructural and logistics business system in the country that covers the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. Post Office provides universal postal services and has the exclusive right to perform reserved services within the limits of certain mass and price limits, which are guaranteed by the state. The company is dedicated to the highest standards of service quality and the development of solutions according to the needs of users and is the winner of numerous awards and recognitions.

It provides support and advocates for the development of electronic administration and electronic services in Serbia, primarily through issuing eID to citizens for access to the eGovernment Portal, and as an authorized certification body that issues a qualified electronic certificate and a qualified electronic seal.

PwC Serbia - a leader in the field of auditing, tax and business consulting. The PwC network of firms operates in 152 countries worldwide and employs more than 328,000 professionals dedicated to providing high-quality services in the fields of information technology, auditing, business and tax consulting. PwC Serbia opened an office in Belgrade in 2001 as a response to the opportunities that arose in the process of economic reform and market liberalization, and the office in Belgrade currently employs 250 domestic and foreign experts.

Through voluntary involvement as the President of NALED's Managing Board, PWC director Vladislav Cvetković provides support for the association's activities, contributes to the development and realization of the association's mission and goals, and represents the common interests and values of the members in the public.

Yandex IT Center - a technology company that produces smart devices and services based on machine learning with the aim of helping users and businesses to better navigate both online and offline environments. Since 1997, Yandex has been producing world-class search and navigation devices relevant to the local market. It also produces platforms for e-commerce, entertainment, computing and other fields, thus helping millions of users in the international market.

The company contributes to the goals, program activities and sustainability of NALED in the field of developing electronic administration and electronic services, suppression of shadow economy and improvement of property-legal issues and investment climate in the country.


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