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Efficient administration

Bečej - Software ORDER for order in the public administration Šampioni.jpg


Ranking: Champion
Population: 37.000
Number of businesses: 1.202
Development level: II group
Score: 117
Contact: www.becej.rs


Way back in 1988, the municipality of Bečej introduced a computer system with the best hardware and software solutions of the day, placing them among the leaders in introducing contemporary IT solutions within local government activities. In order to retain that tile, during 2017 and 2018, new solutions were introduced to the municipal IT system which improved all aspects of activities, especially in the field of finance. The municipal IT system now represents a well-rounded system  that relies on a single database and a series of applications that access the base and utilize data, update, remove and add them without unnecessary duplicates. The most important part of the system is the ORDER app, i.e. a software for maintaining documentation order, more commonly known as an E-registry. This system managed to resolve large issues and challenges in maintaining documentation related to financial transactions performed by the municipal administration and budget users of the municipality of Bečej.

By using ORDER, budget users can make e-requests for budget transfers, sign for them electronically and send them directly to the municipal administration with scanned attachments (invoices, situations, payrolls, etc.). The data sent is immediately visible to the department it was sent to, which can inspect the request and suggest changes and additions if the request is incorrect or incomplete. ORDER allows for sending payment requests, where the only requirements are for budget users to have a strong internet connection, while the signees need to possess an e-signature. This system of communication and data management has been functioning within the Bečej municipal administration and for 30 budget users on municipal territory for more than a year, and has proven itself an excellent solution for improving efficiency. The introduction of ORDER terminated the need for printing, being physically present in the municipal administration offices, signing paper documentation, storage, security and archiving of paper documentation. The electronic procedure has made work easier for both users and the municipal administration. Users can check the amount of funds in the required position in the budget using ORDER before they make a request, and if they make a mistake, a notification on it is received via ORDER including a comment from a municipal officer explaining the problem. The ORDER system enables a payment process, while its additional value is the existence of a Public procurement module that provides monitoring of the realization of public procurements. ORDER brought many cuts to expenses – savings on gasoline have been estimated to RSD 300,000, on paper and ink cartridges in the amount of RSD 200,000, and the amount of working hours necessary for completing the same tasks before and after introducing ORDER has been reduced by over 10,000 hours.

Article on winning solution published in daily newspaper Politika becej naled pdf-001.jpg

Video on winning solution broadcast on TV Show Ovo je Srbija, RTS

Vrnjačka Banja - Municipal services a
„click away“ from citizens and businessesVicešampioni.jpg


Ranking: Vice Champion
Population: 26.544
Number of businesses: 1.460
Development level: I group
Score: 104
Contact: www.vrnjackabanja.co.rs


The municipality that was the first to issue an electronic construction permit has now expanded its citizen services that are a ‘click’ away. E-submission of requests and their status monitoring, as well as the establishment of a municipal website for services, have brought Vrnjačka Banja the title of Vice Champion of local development in the field of Efficient administration.

Vrnjačka Banja is a municipality that was the first to issue an electronic construction permit in the Republic of Serbia, and also the first that started implementing the new electronic Law on General Administrative Procedure (e-ZUP). Around 17,000 people exercise their rights through the local government annually, and in order to provide a better service, the municipality implemented a number of measures. A Service center was established on the ground floor of the municipal office, where citizens and the business community may receive information on their rights and submit requests for the pursuit of said rights, with the website allowing them to monitor the status of those requests. They are also provided with the possibility of electronically submitting requests for birth certificates, and other testimonials and documents. Potential investors are able to more efficiently access and view information about the municipal land parcels suitable for investments via the Department for urbanism, ecology and real-estate. The Department for local economic development also created the website www.vrnjcispa.biz with up-to-date information on available jobs, investments, open calls and trainings is available. Using the internal software system, municipal employees may see at any given time where a particular case is located, who it is assigned to, and if it is resolved. The system contributed to more than 95% of certificates and other documents being issued within the same business day, while the largest share of cases, more than 80%, were resolved within a shorter deadline than the legally prescribed period. 

Article on winning solution published in daily newspaper Politika vicesamp-1.jpg


Video on winning solution broadcast on TV Show Ovo je Srbija, RTS