[RTS] Price is no longer the determining factor for winning tenders in public procurement

Since the beginning of the year, price can no longer be the primary criterion for selecting bidders in public procurement. Along with the price, bidders will have to offer quality as well as evidence that the product meets environmental standards, such as less electricity consumption. The goal is to improve the situation in that area.

Nikola Komšić, the coordinator for regulatory reform at NALED, stated to RTS that the Public Procurement Office has enacted a regulation mandating compliance with green standards for photocopiers, computer equipment, printers, air conditioners, and cleaning products.

In addition, for architectural and engineering services, software development, translation, and consulting services, a quality criterion has been introduced.

- We recommend that purchasers thoroughly define the subject of the procurement and thorough market research. Based on this, they can ascertain which bidders truly possess specific certifications, and accordingly, they will stipulate whether to include this within the technical specifications or even as part of the contract award criteria, specifying how it will be measured. This could be in the form of certifications or references based on the experience of other entities – said Komšić.

He announced that from March to May, training for clients and bidders will be organized.

There is already a lot of information available on the public procurement portal, but more information is always welcome. It is recommended for citizens to follow the portal and thereby monitor public procurements that directly concern them. Additionally, enhancing competitiveness, especially through quality systems, is encouraged.


The entire interview can be viewed at the provided link.

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