[RTS] Registering seasonal workers in agriculture has never been easier, web portal open for foreigners as well

Thanks to the reform of seasonal employment in agriculture, workers now receive a pension for the days they worked, have health care in case of injury at work, and those among them who are recipients of social assistance no longer have to fear losing this right, said Ivan Radak, Head of Public Relations Unit in NALED for RTS.

According to him, the application procedure on the Seasonal Workers portal is more than simple and takes less than a minute. On this occasion, the employer is required to enter employees’ personal identification number (JMBG), information on the type of work they will perform and the period for which they are engaged. The portal is also open to workers from abroad, and for them it is necessary to enter the EBS number issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

Asked to comment on the "Open Balkans" initiative, which will consider the use of ID cards to hire seasonal workers from abroad in our country, as well as our people in Albania, Northern Macedonia, etc, Radak said that it is more than a useful regional endeavor that can ensure free movement of workers and simplify the procedure for their registration.

- What we have proposed and what we would like to see is that this procedure also applies to seasonal workers. So, we believe that they would be the biggest users of this system. For example, there are thousands of people who go to Macedonia to pick vegetables, to pick raspberries and other fruits in Serbia, to work in tourism in Albania or Montenegro - says Radak and adds that NALED proposed to expand this system to seasonal jobs in the field of construction, catering and tourism and home assistance.

During the last year, more than 500 employers signed up for the Seasonal Workers portal, and the reform brought certain benefits for them as well.

- Employers received one simple procedure, no concluding contracts on paper, no waiting at the counter. So, one worker can register a worker in less than a minute simply through a portal or application. Also, what was important to them was the predictability of tax obligations - they now have a fixed amount of tax for each day for which they report a worker, so it is very easy for them on that side as well - Radak explained.

See the full interview below.


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