Electronic public procurement starts July 1

More than 250 bidders and procuring entities had the opportunity to get better acquainted with the electronic public procurement procedure, which will be applied from July 1, as the new Law on Public Procurement comes into force. The law passed towards the end of last year prescribes that all communication and data exchange in the procedure is carried out electronically on the new Website, which was presented at the "Towards the new Law on Public Procurement" webinar.

Lower costs, easier supervision, better data visibility procedure standardization will be the main advantages of electronic implementation of this procedure, and the webinar participants were given clear instructions for using the Website by Croatian public procurement experts Dean Firtelj and Teja Kolar from both the bidder’s and purchaser’s points of vew.

In the second part of the webinar, representatives of the Public Procurement Administration, Aleksandra Krivokapić and Dragan Cvijić, answered pre-set questions from bidders and purchasers, and during the presentation, another 60 questions were received, which speaks of great interest in this topic.

The "Towards a New Law on Public Procurement" webinar was organized in cooperation with the Public Procurement Directorate, within the Public-Private Dialogue for Development project implemented by NALED and funded by USAID.

Pokretač dijaloga o unapređenju sistema javnih nabavki u Srbije je Poslovno udruženje ponuđača Srbije u postupcima javnih nabavki. Cilj javno-privatnog dijaloga je povećanje konkurencije i fer tržišne utakmice u postupcima javnih nabavki, kao i povećanje broja ponuda i prihvatljivih ponuda po postupku.

The initiator of the dialogue on the improvement of the public procurement system in Serbia is the Business Association of Serbian Bidders in Public Procurement Procedures. The goal of the public-private dialogue is to increase fair market competition in public procurement procedures, as well as to increase the number of bids and acceptable bids per procedure.

Download: Presentation on the new Public Procurement Act

A video of the webinar is available on NALED's YouTube platform:


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