Open call for employers within the measures

The project of German development cooperation "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia", in cooperation with NALED and the Association of Roma Coordinators, is implementing a measure to support work engagement titled "Together for the community". The measure of work engagement is implemented in 6 local governments (Vranje, Aleksinac, Krusevac, Kragujevac, Pirot and Subotica) to improve the living conditions of Roma and other marginalized persons and mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on their economic position.

The project "Inclusion of Roma and other marginalized groups in Serbia" is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ GmbH in cooperation with the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue of the Republic of Serbia.

This open call aims to establish cooperation with public institutions and companies, economic entities and civil society organizations, for the purpose of implementing the program "Together for the community" and work engagement of Roma and other marginalized groups (persons unemployed for more than a year, people with disabilities, single mothers, women victims of violence, family members with more than 5 members, returnees). The work engagement measure aims to contribute to the generation of income and the improvement of working knowledge and skills, and to increase the employability of Roma and other marginalized groups during the COVID-19 pandemic through the implementation of public works.

Public works can be carried out in the areas of: social and humanitarian activities, maintenance and renovation of public infrastructure, maintenance and cleaning of riverbeds, maintenance of hygiene in public institutions and public spaces, arrangement and maintenance of public areas, cultural activities (archives, libraries, museums, etc.), surveying citizens in projects of public interest, waste collection, sorting and processing, and other activities of interest to the local community and improving the state of the economy and employability during the COVID-19 pandemic.


All questions regarding the open call can be sent to the email no later than April 13, 2021.


The deadline for submitting applications is April 16, 2021, at the email address

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