Contact center for public administration

NALED and Office for IT and E-Government, in cooperation with the United Nations' Development Programme (UNDP) and the UK Government's Good Governance Gund (GGF) have established the Contact center as a manner of support in introducing new eGovernment services.

By filling in the contact form, the employees in public administration and local governments may file an inquiry in relation to e-government services handled by the Contact center:

  • e-administrative procedures (e-ZUP),
  • eInspector (eInspektor),
  • eBaby (eBeba),
  • information system used by local tax administration (starting from January 2019).

Representatives of businesses may file inquiries regarding the elimination of stamps by filling in the contact form on a specific sections of the IT and E-Government's office website

Support will be provided in the implementation of listed IT systems, and accompanying regulations, with the aim of providing services for citizens and aligning the practice in the territory of Serbia. The website of Office for IT and E-Government includes a specific page related to the work of Contact center, with relevant regulations that can be downloaded, the information about the e-government systems and a knowledge database that is constantly being updated.