Property and Urbanism Alliance established in NALED

Payment of tax on the transfer of absolute rights is the legal obligation of a seller, but in 99% cases, the buyer is the one who actually settles the liability, which equals 2.5% of the real estate value. The amendments to the Law on Property Tax should confirm that the taxpayer is the entity which actually pays in practice – the buyer.

This is one of the topics to be advocated before line institutions by the Property and Urbanism Alliance, established today as a new working body in NALED. The Alliance brings together 21 NALED members from businesses, local governments, associations and public institutions.

The Alliance concluded that another urgent issue is to resolve the procedure for filing tax applications for property and transfer of absolute rights. Starting from 1 July, the citizens and businesses will file these applications through public notaries and save significant time they used to spend visiting Tax Administration, local tax administration and Cadaster counters. The local governments particularly stressed the importance of land consolidation for the development of agriculture and attracting new investments.

Members of Property and Urbanism Alliance

Within the first session, the members appointed Gojko Vrcelj from Erste bank as the President, and Aleksandra Trešnjev from Chamber of Public Enforcers and Branko Jakovljević from Sremska Mitrovica as Vice Presidents. The Alliance members include MK group, Štampa, Subotica, Užice, Osečina, Požarevac, Sombor, Zrenjanin, Telenor, Inpharm, APR, Set, Neoplanta, Leskovac, Šabac, Chamber of Public Notaries, AIK Bank and Čačak.


Property and Urbanism Alliance established in NALED

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