Open call for bids - Promotional strategy for chatbot application for municipal services in 4 local governments

Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe - Modernization of Municipal Services (GIZ ORF MMS), Business Friendly Environment Network in Southeast Europe (BFC SEE) and Saga New Frontier Group are implementing the project "Improvement of municipal services in Serbia and BiH by introducing Chatbot application" through develoPPP. de program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The project is implemented by NALED with a partner from the BFC SEE network, the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska, and in cooperation with GIZ ORF MMS and the companies Saga d.o.o Belgrade and Saga d.o.o Banja Luka.

In this regard, NALED publishes



  1. Procurement subject

 Within the project "Improvement of municipal services in Serbia and BiH by introducing the ChatBot application", an expert is needed who will prepare a Promotional Strategy and an action plan for communication for the introduction and launching of the Chatbot application for municipal services in four local governments in Serbia and BiH.

In cooperation and according to the instructions of the project team consisting of NALED, GIZ and SAGA, as well as in cooperation with representatives of local governments, and based on the conducted desk research, the consultant should prepare a Promotional Strategy and Action Communication Plan for four local governments. Promotional Strategy should have at least the following elements:
- Context analysis,
- Defining the goals of the promotional strategy,
- Defining and analyzing target audiences,
- Defining key messages,
- Defining communication channels and means of communication,
- Communication plan for the period June 2021 - June 2022,
- Cooperation plan with the media,
- Crisis communication plan (definition of potential crises and responses to those situations),
- Gantt chart of activities.

Detailed information about the task can be found in the Tender Documentation document.

  1. Conditions for participation in the procedure

All interested individuals and entrepreneurs have the right to submit bids.

  1. Criteria for evaluation of bids

The evaluation of bids will be performed based on relevant work experience (biography and references) of the consultant (70% of total points) and the offered price (30% of total points). The procuring entity reserves the right to conduct an interview with the bidders and request additional clarifications of the submitted bids, as well as to negotiate the price with the best-evaluated bidder.

  1. Downloading the tender documentation

All information about the task, specific goals and needs of the task, expected performance, necessary qualifications of the consultant, manner and deadline for submission of bids can be found in the tender documentation.

  1. Deadline for submission of bids

Bids must be submitted in the electronic form to the address no later than 09.04.2021. until 13h local time.

The bid must state the total financial proposal (gross amount) expressed in EUR and the required number of consulting days.

The financial proposal must be accompanied by the evidence necessary for the evaluation of the received bids:

  • resume (CV) of the consultant adjusted so that the required qualifications for the consultant can be seen and evaluated from the tender documentation;
  • references of the consultant with information on which communication strategies he worked on and for which client, with contact details of the client;
  1. Deadline for deciding on the selection of the most favorable bidder

The decision on the selection of the most favorable bidder will be made within 7 (seven) days from the deadline for submission of bids and will be delivered to all bidders who submit their bids promptly.

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