Fit for the Needs - Raise Opportunities for Underdeveloped Areas

Donor: European Union - First Call for proposals: Cross border Programme Serbia-North Macedonia 2016-2020 under the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II), allocations 2016-2017
Partners: Women  association "Ruža" Lebane, Foundation for Management and Industrial Research "MIR" Skoplje, Association for activism, education, art and culture Civil center "AktivUm" Kumanovo
Implementation period: April 2021 – September 2022.


The project is focused on economic empowerment of a population (mainly, women and youth) out of rural areas of five municipalities of the Jablanica and Pčinja Districts in Serbia, and the North-East region in North Macedonia. With the aim to create stimulating measures under the framework of such cross-border initiative, during 2021 there will be analyzed the most perspective areas that would enable income generating in local communities, and there will be defined financial and non-financial opportunities for the citizens who are active in these areas – prospectively, in the area of food production and processing, old-traditional crafts, and rural and agri-tourism.


Process of analyzing the most important areas along with the definition of stimulating measures will be realized over the summer and fall 2021 through a joint work of all key actors, as follows:

  1. Initial analysis of resources and potentials of 5 municipalities of the cross-border area
  2. Consultations with an institutional key actors – municipalities, regional organizations and agencies, associations – for the analysis of resources and potentials
  3. Consultations with the citizens about their resources and needs for (self)employment and income generating

Once consultations and analysis of the most promising area, accompanied with its related produces or/and services, concluded - there will be defined financial and non-financial measures to be supported out of local budgets, and there will be selected final/direct users for the provision of non-financial support through the project.

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