Agenda 2021 Together for better business conditions

Author: Cord, Milica Stefanović, Ivan Radak Area: NALED Date: 13.05.2021. Download: Agenda 2021 - Zajedno za bolje uslove poslovanja.pdf

This year, NALED and Magazine CorD made a special edition dedicated to Grey Book 13 - Together for better business conditions. The topic of this issue includes economic reforms and reformers who contributed to overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic and the development of digital services for citizens and the business during the previous year. Special attention is given to the conditions for doing business and investing in Serbia and the priority recommendations of the Grey Book for cutting the red tape, further development of eGovernment, solving property issues, improving the healthcare system and the environment.

Representatives of NALED, high state officials, ambassadors, experts from the country and the world, successful mayors and businesspeople presented their opinions, analyzes and views in this special issue.

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