Cooperation of inspections and misdemeanor courts

Project implementation period: 01/09/2017 – 31/08/2019


The goal of the project "Grow Capacities and Work Together - Misdemeanor courts, inspections and businesses" supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy is to ensure capacity building and strengthen cooperation among misdemeanor courts and inspections, and promote a constructive dialogue between these stakeholders and businesses / citizens.
By ensuring the capacities and facilitating exchange of knowledge, the project will create the conditions for further unification of the work of inspections and courts (in case on non-compliance, inspection oversight is accompanied by a misdemeanor proceeding initiated by inspectors). Additionally, the Project will contribute towards reducing the duration of procedures and saving resources in companies, courts and inspections, as well as in improving the responsibility among all stakeholders in the process, thus reducing inequality, corruption and other negative phenomena in the process of inspection oversight.

The key goals within the project include:

  • Improved knowledge and capacities of inspection bodies for full and competent implementation of the Law on Misdemeanors, Law on Inspection Oversight and sectorial laws on selected issues (misdemeanor plea bargain)
  • Improved cooperation between misdemeanor courts and inspections through joint workshops and training
  • Constructive dialogue among these stakeholders with citizens and businesses
  • Full implementation of the institutes introduced with the Law on Misdemeanors
  • Reduced duration and improved overall success rate of inspection oversight and misdemeanor procedure

The stated goals will be achieved through improved procedures shared between the inspectors and misdemeanor courts (better regulation and knowledge).

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