Awards for the winners of teacher competition

Learning through board and video games, organizing a news agency, creating a website and a stories collection from the Corona period are just some of the creative content that the winners of the "Magic is in the teachers' hands" competition designed to adapt and facilitate homework for their students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the competition of 700 expamles, from 269 elementary and 114 high schools, the first prize went to the Serbian language and literature teacher Olgica Spasojević from the "Petar Lekovic" elementary school from Požega for a video game about Marko Kraljević. The Minister of Education, Mladen Šarčević, stated at the opening of the offical ceremony that teachers from Serbia support and keep up with modern education.

- It is inevitable that we strive for modern achievements in teaching, so as to,  in accordance with that, introduce digitalization into the education of new generations of students and enable them to live in the 21st century, and through innovative curricula, enable young people to acquire knowledge and develop competencies that are necessary to successfully respond to the challenges of the modern world - the Minister said.

The competition was organized by NALED and "Connecting" organization for career development and youth entrepreneurship, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Institute for the Improvement of Education, the Public Policy Secretariat and the Radio Television of Serbia, Public-Private Dialogue for Development prroject, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

USAID Mission Director in Serbia Mike de la Rosa pointed out that the teachers we fondly remember growing up were the ones who were creative, challenging us to think differently and use our own heads.

- Those are the teachers we see here today. They went a step further to make their students ’learning experience outside of classrooms and beyond regular curricula better - De La Rosa said.

NALED Executive Director, Violeta Jovanović, pointed out that one of the most important goals of this competition is the affirmation of the role and competencies of teachers as the main pillars in the development of our society.

- From NALED’s perspective, this competition is part of our efforts to support and highlight those who have an innovative approach to teaching in order to help students apply the acquired knowledge through practical tasks. Within the "Education for 4.0 Revolution" topic in cooperation with the Connecting organization and the Institute for the Improvement of Education, we are coming towards a new strategy for the development of education, we advocate for greater representation of project teaching in the education system and a strategic approach to strengthening teaching staff – Jovanović said.

During the state of emergency, elementary and high school students were able to attend remote classes through the RTS2 and RTS3 channels, the RTS website, the "RTS Planet" multimedia internet platform and the "RTS My School" free mobile application.

- From March 17 to May 29, 2020, 2,270 hours were published on RTS Planet. 1,294 were published for elementary school, 946 for highs school - of which 276 hours for dual education, as well as 30 hours of physical education and psychological workshops for all ages. In addition to the increased viewership of the Second and Third programs, due to TV classes, more than three million views were recorded through the RTS Planet platform alone - said Ilija Cerović, editor-in-chief of the educational-scientific program and acting director of the Radio Television of Serbia.

The awards are sponsored by Comtrade, Telegroup, Eurobank, Hemofarm Foundation and Laguna.

"Magic is in the teachers’ hands" competition winners

Prvo mesto – Olgica Spasojević, OŠ „Petar Leković“, Požega – Društvena igra o Marku Kraljeviću; Drugo mesto – Jasmina Micić, Prva Kragujevačka gimnazija, Kragujevac – Parabole kroz interaktivni rad učenika; Treće mesto – Marija Kojić, OŠ „Miroslav Antić“, Beograd – Dan planete Zemlje; Četvrto mesto – Milena Kecman, Srednja škola „17. septembar“, Lajkovac – Od oluje preko akcije do znanja – Faradejev zakon elektromagnetne indukcije; Peto mesto – Anđelka Petrović, Matematička gimnazija, Beograd – Ko je ovde bez greha – debata o Ani Karenjini; Nagrada za najbolji primer TV nastave – Gorica Njegovanović, OŠ „Mihajlo Pupin“, Beograd – Upotreba velikog slova – TV čas; Nagrada za korišćenje digitalnih alata u srednjoj školi – Mladen Šljivović, Gimnazija, Zaječar – Android igrica i eksperimenti kao učeje o nuklearnim reaktorima; Nagrada za interakciju sa đacima u srednjoj školi – Mirjana Stakić Savković, Filološka gimnazija, Beograd – Život po osamnaestici – Priče iz doba korone; Nagrada za korišćenje digitalnih alata u osnovnoj školi – Aleksandra Filipović, OŠ „Crnjanski“, Jagodina – Wix vebsajt za interakciju sa učenicima; Nagrada za Interakciju sa đacima u osnovnoj školi – Jelena Lilić, OŠ „Milivoj Petković Fećko“, Ruma – Novinska agencija Antički Rim javlja; Nagrada za projektnu nastavu – Đurđica Stojković, OŠ „Jovan Popović“, Beočin – Sačuvajmo pčele; Nagrada publike – Jovica Plavšić, Deseta gimnazija „Mihajlo Pupin“, Beograd – Volim HemiJutjub

First place - Olgica Spasojević, "Petar Leković" Elementary School, Požega - Board game about Marko Kraljevic; Second place - Jasmina Micić, First Kragujevac High School, Kragujevac - Parables through the interactive work of students; Third place - Marija Kojić, "Miroslav Antić" Elementary School, Belgrade - Earth Day; Fourth place - Milena Kecman, "17. September” High School, Lajkovac - From storm through action to knowledge - Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction; Fifth place - Anđelka Petrović, Mathematical Grammar School, Belgrade - Who here is without sin – a debate about Ana Karenina; Award for the best example of TV teaching - Gorica Njegovanović, "Mihajlo Pupin" Elementary School, Belgrade - Use of capital letters - TV class; Award for the use of digital tools in high school - Mladen Šljivović, Gymnasium, Zaječar - Android games and experiments as a study of nuclear reactors; Award for interaction with students in high school - Mirjana Stakić Savković, High School of Philology, Belgrade - Life according to classroom 18 - Stories from the time of Corona; Award for the use of digital tools in elementary school - Aleksandra Filipović, "Crnjanski" Elementary School, Jagodina - Wix website for interaction with students; Award for Interaction with students in elementary school - Jelena Lilić, "Milivoj Petkovic Fećko" Elementary School, Ruma - Ancient Rome News Agency reports; Award for project teaching - Đurđica Stojković, "Jovan Popović" Elementary School, Beočin - Save the bees; Audience Award - Jovica Plavšić, "Mihajlo Pupin" Tenth Highschool, Belgrade - I love Chemistrytube

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