We continue to make a difference in 2023

Banners and billboards used for campaigns and events, after only one use usually end up in a landfill, where they need 1500 years to decompose. Recycling of this type of waste is possible only abroad, at very high prices, which is why NALED has established a long-term cooperation with the ecological social enterprise Ekobag, which recreates bags, wallets, folders and other unique handmade products from used PVC materials.

The cooperation with Ekobag began within the traditional September gathering of NALED members and partners, when the materials used in the scenography and branding of the White Palace were given to this enterprise. By the end of the year, NALED held three more large conferences, which left enough material to make unique New Year's gifts for everyone who contributed to the organization's success in 2022.

NALED also invites all members and partners to join the campaign for recycling PVC materials from events, breathe new life into used banners and thus support Ekobag’s green and social mission. 

Environmental protection and circular economy were voted as the first priority at the 16th Annual Assembly of NALED members, which marked the entire year 2022 through numerous projects and events. With the support of the German Development Cooperation, implemented by GIZ, more than 800 recycling bells for glass packaging were installed in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Sombor and Varvarin, thanks to which 60% less glass packaging ended up in landfills in these places. A smart deposit system was piloted in Zrenjanin, and the collection of hazardous waste, batteries and light bulbs, started for the first time in public places in Kragujevac and Belgrade. 1,300 tons of food waste were collected and handed over to operators for creating energy. Progress has also been made with the introduction of green public procurement as an instrument for environmental protection.

In 2023, NALED, together with the members of the Environment Protection Alliance, remains committed to implementing the green agenda, with a special focus on mass recycling, through the expansion of the collection network and development of infrastructure, introduction of a deposit system for packaging waste and adoption of the Circular Economy Development Program, but also socially responsible green initiatives such as cooperation with Ekobag

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