Declaration of support ot Public Private Dialogue signed

A declaration of support to public-private  dialogue  was  signed at the  final  conference "Public Private Dialogue for Growth" by at least  50  representatives  of the private and public sectors in Serbia, among others, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management  Branislav  Nedimovic, Director of the Republic Public Policy Secretariat Bojana Tosic, Director of the Republic Geodetic Authority Borko Draskovic, President of the Association of  Beekeeping Organisations of Serbia  Rodoljub  Živadinovic and many others.

The declaration affirms the principles of dialogue and values jointly represented by both the public and private sectors, and since the public-private dialogue is a process of exchanging knowledge and experience between citizens, businesses and civil society organizations on the one hand and public  sector institutions on the other, so as to create acceptable, optimally balanced and applicable public policies and regulations relevant to the wider community,  local governments, businesses, especially vulnerable  groups, and ultimately all citizens of Serbia.  

Signatories of the Declaration of Support for Public-Private Dialogue support the provisions that stipulate that all interested parties will be included in the process of introducing new or amending existing regulations. Institutions will take into account all incoming objections and suggestions, and regulations and public policies will be created upon organization of public discussion, while draft laws will be publicly available for comments on the Government website.   

Also, all regulations introducing new or increasing existing obligations to businesses and citizens will be applied with a delay of 6 months, and the competent authorities in cooperation with the private and civil sectors, will ensure education and communication campaigns to properly enforce the law.

The declaration of support for public-private dialogue was developed within the project  "Public Private Dialogue for Growth" implemented  by  NALED in cooperation with the Republic Public  Policy Secretariat  and supported by the US Agency for International  Development  (USAID).

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