The first drawing in the prize game “Get the Receipt to Win” on 21 November

The citizens of Serbia have so far sent 140,000 envelopes for the prize game “Get the Receipt to Win”, and the first public drawing will be organized on 21 November.

The press conference presenting the rules and the prize fund for the first round of this prize games explained that one envelope should contain 10 fiscal receipts or slips, with individual value of at least 100 RSD. Fiscal receipts and slips cannot be sent together in a same envelope. 

The prizes include 12 apartments in Belgrade, 60 cars, while nine local governments whose citizens send the most envelopes per citizen will share a fund of 180,000 euros.

- The previous two cycles of the prize game "Get the Receipt to Win", which were organized in 2017 and 2018, have motivated even 41% of citizens to engage directly or via family members into the battle against shadow economy. Our research has shown that a total of 193 million fiscal receipts and slips were sent during the two cycles, worth at least 44 billion RSD. At least 10% of this money has gone into the budget - said the President of NALED's Fair Competition Alliance Ivan Miletić, expressing hope that the new cycle will generate at least a similar result, bearing in mind the difficult situation all countries have been facing. 

NALED's surveys show that out of 100 RSD in the shadow zone, 62 are generated based on non-registered workers, and 38 from non-registered revenues, as well as that 79% businesses find that the high tax burden on salaries is the main cause of shadow economy.

Hence the priorities of the Fair Competition Alliance include the reduction of employment costs, expansion of system for simplified engagement of seasonal workers to other sectors, and regulating flexible forms of work engagement. 

Among other priorities, Miletić highlights the introduction of online registry of non-tax charges and the improvement of fiscalization system, announced by Minister Mali.

- The state is committed to the cause of countering shadow economy and the line ministry has prepared a Draft Law on Fiscalization that has been publicly available on the Ministry of Finance's website since 23 October, and it is expected to be adopted by the end of the year, so that it can be implemented starting from 1 January 2022. The Law will enable online monitoring of turnover, and the state will allocated 3.5 to 4 billion euros for the software solutions and new fiscal cash registers – said the line minister Siniša Mali.

He indicated that the Ministry is currently preparing another Draft Law on E-Invoices, which should be adopted during the first quarter of next year. According to him, the e-invoices are being introduced based on appeals made by businesses, and there will be no more paper invoices as they will be digitalized, thus reducing potential irregularities.

The Tax Administration Director Dragana Marković stressed that, in spite of the situation with coronavirus, the tax collection has been solid throughout the whole year, particularly the VAT. 

- Tax collection over the first eight months was 100%, but it dropped down in September, which was expected, now accounting to approximately 99.6%. From January to September this year, the Tax Administration has temporarily shut down 802 objects, which is 40% of the total number of monitored objects – said Marković, specifying that 106 objects were closed due to non-registered workers, and 696 due to non-registered turnover. 

She also said that the aim of this prize game is to establish fiscal discipline. Based on analysis performed by Tax Administration for the previous prize game, the registered turnover through cash registers has been increased by 30% among small taxpayers during the prize game, which she finds the true indicator of success of the campaign and the prize game.

Marković said that the greatest increase in turnover during the prize game, of even 83.5%, was recorded among retail shops and for automotive repair services.

The prize game „Get the Receipt to Win“ is organized by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, with NALED providing support.

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