Battling stamps together

During one of its regular sessions, the Government of Serbia adopted a decision to form the Working Group for abolishing mandatory use of stamps and paper invoices that will include representatives of NALED, the Delivery unit, Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration and the National Bank of Serbia.

In 2011, the Government had good intentions when it adopted the Company Law that allowed for the abolition of stamps, but they continued to live on in outdated sectoral regulations. Since the very first edition of Grey Book, NALED has sought to identify all laws and bylaws where the stamp was still hiding. Amendments were commenced once we finished the ‘inventory’ early this year together with line institutions, the fastest results of which were yielded through cooperation with the National Bank of Serbia.

In yesterday’s announcement, the Central Bank published that it changed 5 regulations from within their jurisdiction with the purpose of clarifying that stamps should not be required when opening, running or closing current of foreign currency accounts, using pay warrants and promissory notes, as well as when conducting payments outside of Serbia’s borders.

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