NALED receives ESCULAP award for outstanding contribution to the health system of Serbia

NALED is this year's winner of the ESCULAP award for outstanding contribution to the health system of Serbia and its citizens, which is traditionally awarded by the Association of Private Health Institutions and Private Practices of Serbia. As it was pointed out at the conference, NALED has stood out in the past period for its innovative approach and persistence in advocating the establishment of public-private dialogue in an institutionalized way.

This prestigious recognition was received by Violeta Jovanović, NALED Executive Director, who gave a short address and referred to the organization’s most important achievements in the field of health.

- Having in mind the specifics of the health system and the importance of this sector, NALED formed the Health Alliance in 2018, with the intention of initiating systemic reforms that would establish a sustainable health system at national and local level, cut the red tape and improve health services. At the initiative of this body, a working group was formed within the Ministry of Health, and as a result of joint work, the recently adopted Digitalization Program in the health system of the Republic of Serbia was created. Thanks to this strategic document, in the next four years we will see faster, higher quality and more accessible healthcare for at least two million citizens - said Jovanović.

Another important NALED’s result in the field of healthcare is the Grey Book of Health, modeled on the now well-known Grey Book of Bureaucratic Procedures. The same as its “parent” publication, it systematizes the 50 most common administrative barriers in the field of health in Serbia and offers solutions that will make our health sector more competitive, functional and attractive for investment and business, and bring more modern and improved medical services.

Since 2019, the Association of Private Health Institutions and Private Practices of Serbia has been awarding the ESCULAP award to the most prominent institutions, organizations, institutions and associations whose activities, initiatives, engagement and consistency have contributed to the reputation and affirmation of the private health sector in Serbia. system of the Republic of Serbia.

Along with NALED, this year's winners include AmCham, the Pharmaceutical Chamber, Euromedik, Business Registers Agency and the Prime Minister's Office.


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