Third session of the Property and Urbanism Alliance

Within the third session of the Property and Urbanism Alliance, organized on 24 September,  the new focus group was formed within the Alliance, to work on proposals for amendments to the law on conversion of the right to use to ownership right, i.e. the land conversion. 

The meeting also discussed the activities realized over the previous period:

  • adoption of the proposal provided by the Property and Urbanism Alliance and its inclusion in the amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security (the amendments included nearly the entire proposed reform of the enforcement procedure, which involved active work of the Alliance's relevant focus group)
  • including the Alliance into the new working group within the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure on the amendments to the Law on Conversion of the Right to Land Use into Ownership Right with a Fee u
  • including the Alliance into the working group for mediation. The tendency is to stimulate the parties to resolve their disputes amicably in all types of proceedings, to reduce the burden to courts regarding the number of case files, to enable efficient resolving of disputes and reduce the parties' expenses for engaging in court proceedings. The legal analysis for cooperatives has been submitted to donor, regarding the problem of seizure of privately-owned land, which was voted as one of the Alliance's priorities. With donor's consent, the project will be continued with the publication of Analysis and a presentation at the conference, with the aim of acquiring an authentic interpretation to resolve the issue of unclear Law provisions.
  • the Alliance joining the joint initiative for amending the Law on Foreign Currency Transactions

The meeting also discussed the second phase of the project for improving the real estate registration process and the accompanying obligations for the procedure, implemented by NALED with the support of the UK's Good Governance Fund. The goal of this project is to have the entire process, including the process of filing tax returns, performed by the public notaries, as well as to simplify the tax return forms. The project will also support workshops with judges and other line authorities with the aim of strengthening their capacities for implementing the procedure and a comprehensive campaign to inform citizens and businesses about the reform.

In the upcoming period, the Alliance will further focus on the topics of conversion with a fee, mediation and legalization of buildings.

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