Economic Caucus of the National Parliament

Economic Caucus of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia is a voluntary, informal group of MPs, established in November 2014 based upon the initiative by NALED and International Republican Institute (IRI) with the aim of developing a political consensus regarding the important economic issues and legislation governing the business environment, through an open and continuous dialogue with the businesses, local governments and the civil society.

In the new convocation of the National Parliament, the Economic Caucus brings together 14 MPs from 9 parties, nurturing a democratic, political and public-private dialogue. Its activities are focused on strengthening the National Parliament’s reputation, improving the transparency of the legislative process and creating a better business environment. Specifically, the Economic Caucus performs the following activities:

  • Actively and publicly advocates the improvement of the business environment in Serbia,
  • Ensures that the economic development issues are represented in all relevant parliamentary debates and decisions,
  • Works on improving the legislative process relevant for businesses by proposing adequate amendments,
  • Takes part in public-private dialogue, public hearings, debates and presentations regarding the economic development,
  • Cooperates with organizations and institutions in realizing projects and initiatives regarding the economic development. 

During its first year of work, the Economic Caucus has prepared 100 amendments in cooperation with NALED, thus improving the Law on Inspection Oversight, Law on Enforcement and Security, Law on Investments, Law on State Survey and Cadaster, Law on Planning and Construction, Energy Law, Law on Fire Protection, Law on Advertising and many others. Out of 100 submitted amendments, 90 have been adopted, thus making a contribution towards improving Serbia’s competitiveness, which can be seen in the World Bank’s latest Doing Business report.


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