[Magazin biznis] Promotion of municipal cultural content

The fifty largest galleries and museums have been visited by nearly 150 million people during the previous year. In USA only, where the number of museums is equal to the number of state high schools (17,500), cultural institutions provide a strong contribution to the GDP with more than 20 billion dollars and 400,000 jobs.

Galleries and museums are a strong pillar of local development and they make a positive impact on the prosperity of cities and regions - from attracting tourists to increasing the value of real estate around them. It is estimated that they generate at least five times higher revenues than the investments allocated by the local government for their work. The visitors coming to a city for artworks spend 63% more money compared to other tourists. Further on, museum visitors spend multiple amounts around the museum (restaurants, shops...) then within the institution.

Cultural institutions educate and take care about the highest values of a society, they are the best promoters and preserve the tradition and identity. All countries are equal by the artistic works - none of them are more or less valuable. The only difference is what the countries are doing to preserve and present them to the world.

This responsibility is borne by these institutions, but since cultural heritage is treasured by an entire society, the efforts should also be shared by citizens and businesses. 

With this in mind, NALED has launched the initiative "Art of Serbia", promoting the cultural offers of cities and municipalities through artworks by famous painters. The initiative was supported by five cities and municipalities, represented by six great artists - Uroš Predić (Pančevo), Milena Pavlović Barili (Požarevac), Sava Šumanović and Ilija Bašičević Bosilj (Šid), Milan Konjović (Sombor) and Mihailo Milovanović (Užice).

Our artists, the local institutions displaying their works and the cities that supported the campaign will be promoted through a special line of promotional materials and corporate gifts. Motifs from paintings by renowned artists have been included in gifts intended for state officials, business leaders, representatives of the international community and diplomatic corps. 

During 2019, the work and lives of our paintings will be presented to a broad community through a campaign on digital platforms, with an invitation to visit the local museums and galleries dedicated to these artists and enjoy the art of our country.

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