[Nova.rs] NALED: Create a unified system for issuing certificates

NALED estimates that up to 150,000 people in Serbia physically visit local or national tax administration counters to get certificates of paid taxes, and propose the establishment of a unified information system to issue a single certificate on paid taxes. 

„The problem is not so much the price of these certificates, but the waste of time“, said NALED's Program Strategist Jelena Bojović for FoNet, indicating that the decision on a request usually takes eight days.

„Further on, when the certificate arrives, it is a common situation that you find out you are in some kind of debt“, she said, adding that in most cases, these include some small amounts due to payments made at the wrong account, or due to rounded up amounts. 

„In this case, you have to file another request on paid tax, which you would need to exercise numerous rights, such as a registration of pause in operations, the right to children's allowance or enrollment into kindergarten“, said Bojović.

NALED's proposal, which is a part of the current "Grey Book" with 100 key recommendations by businesses, local governments and civil society organizations for removing administrative obstacles to doing business in Serbia, is to create a unified information system, i.e. a portal where parties could submit their requests.

Further improvement would be to be able to get a certificate at the same portal, regardless of whether it is a local or national tax administration, as well as to settle tax liabilities. 

"So, you would be able to do everything at a single place, and get the certificate in 10 minutes", said Bojović.

Read the whole article at the link (in Serbian).

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