[RTS] Our economy is up to four times less energy efficient compared to EU countries

A large number of our economic entities expect that the negative effects of the crisis on the overall economy will be large or significant. When asked on about expectations of negative effects on their specific companies, 36% of economic entities stated they expect strong negative effects, but only 12% expect it on their. That means that on a global level we are all a little more negative to those that refer to our companies, said Dusan Vasiljevic, director for competitiveness and investments at NALED, visiting RTS Dnevnik.

When asked to comment on measures that the government plans to adopt to help companies doing business with Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, he pointed out that they are better targeted than before, since there are not enough funds to help everyone, so the state made an effort to estimate the number of economic entities that are at most risk and in need of assistance.

- The less positive side is that we all need to be realistic about the scope of the measures. They are limited to a relatively small range of economic entities that will get help, but we cannot expect them to solve all the problems that arise due to the crisis, Vasiljevic explained.

According to him, the relative energy inefficiency of our economy is a problem that has been with us for a long time and is escalating in this environment.

- According to the data, our economy is 3.5 to 4 times more inefficient in terms of energy use compared to the countries of the European Union. This is an essential element of the way our economy is threatened. There are others, such as the interruption of supply chains that affect a large number of our economic entities, as he pointed out.

He explained that 68% of businessmen see interruptions in the supply chain of raw materials and raw materials as the biggest problem, that it is a space that can grow further.

When it comes to the positive sides of the crisis, Vasiljevic explained that in 20 years from today it will be possible to see that innovations have been developed in this moment, and it is good to think about strengthening digital transformation and everything that contributes to the long-term competitiveness of the economy, which means reducing energy use per unit of product, as well as the development of renewable energy sources.


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