[RTS] Serbian cities with BFC certification at the top of the Financial Times list

At the top of the list of the best investment locations in Europe, according to the British Financial Times, are the cities in Serbia that have gone through the Business Friendly environment Certification program for cities and municipalities in Southeast Europe (BFC SEE). When it comes to attractiveness for investors, the winner in the group of smaller European cities is Leskovac.

The BFC SEE certification, a seal of quality work confirming that citizens and the economy are provided with quality service, Leskovac has earned for the fourth time with a fulfillment rate of 96.33 percent. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it holds the champion position on the list of the prestigious British business magazine.

Last year, companies from China and America showed interest in coming to Leskovac. The arrival of a large company and an investment worth 17 milion euros, which is expected to employ 340 people, has been announced. According to some announcements, production at the Turkish company Erenli is set to start in a month.

Continuous investment in infrastructure, a new sports stadium, hospital reconstruction, are changing the city’s appearance and making it more attractive.

The entire neighborhood, the whole region, has completely started to breathe differently, has a new shine, and enables new investors to build, says Mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanović.

City Council member Aleksandar Pejčić adds that Leskovac is investing in municipal road infrastructure, attracting new investors who are creating real job opportunities, thereby reducing the unemployment rate.

Another city currently in the process of BFC SEE certification is Kragujevac, which is ranked eighth in the category of medium sized cities for cost efficiency. Also on the Financial Times list are Belgrade, Zrenjanin and Subotica, as well as Šimanovci.

Since 2012, over 100 cities and municipalities from Croatia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia have gone through the BFC SEE program. So far, 15 local self-governments in Serbia have earned the „seal“ of quality business conditions. The valid certification, which lasts for three years, is currently held by 21 local self-governments in the region. The implementation of the program is supported by GIZ Open Regional Fund for Modernization of Municipal Services and NALED.

You can watch the video report at the link.

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