[RTV] Glass Packaging Management in the Western Balkans project presented

As part of the European Green Week, which is marked in order to raise awareness of the most important environmental issues, the citizens of Novi Sad were presented the project Glass Packaging Management in the Western Balkans, funded by the German Development Cooperation GIZ in cooperation with local governments and businesses. In front of Spens Hall, the event set up the so-called white “bells”, which can be seen in the city, and the citizens received a special gift for the glass packaging they brought, as an invitation to continue recycling.

With the aim of education, the event promoted the so-called white bells where citizens can dispose of glass packaging. Mira Radenović, a member of the city council in charge of property and legal affairs, environmental protection, sustainable development and energy efficiency, said that 100 containers had been provided, of which 50 had already been installed and in operation for 2 months, enabling recycling of more than 6,000 kg of glass.

Sanja Knezevic Mitrovic, Policy Manager in NALED, emphasized the importance of recycling glass packaging.

- Glass packaging is 100% recyclable material and in that sense in the process of recycling there is no material that is thrown away. However, what is problematic with glass packaging is that it is heavy and that the transport costs are very high when collected, explains Knezevic Mitrovic.

The installation of special containers is part of a regional project funded by the German Development Cooperation with private companies and is worth about 2m euros.

Zorica Bilic, Director of GIZ ORF office, said on this occasion that the goal in the project was to raise the percentage of collected glass by 20%, but reached a figure of about 50%, which halved the amount of glass disposed of in landfills.

Milica Kuzmanov, Marketing Manager in Sekopak, explained that the recycling of one ton of glass packaging can reduce energy consumption by 50%, water by 40%, as well as air pollution. She called on all citizens to continue recycling after this action.

In the next period, another 50 such containers will be installed throughout the city, and the authorities announce that the action of separation and collection of waste will be expanded to PET packaging.

You can watch the complete video below.


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