[TV N1] About 300 decisions on the registration of property rights have already arrived in the eMailbox

The delivery of cadastre decisions  will be organized differently from now on, and the new system is the result of the cadaster registration reform implemented by NALED.

- Starting from a couple of days ago, there are now three possible ways to deliver a decision to the recipient, and the new method includes delivery to eMailbox. So far, we had the options of delivery by mail and via RGA web portal. The problem with the post office was that although the cadastre would make a decision in about five or six days, the decision would travel for two or three months until it reached the citizen's address. Sometimes, people are not at home when the postman tries to deliver, and afterwards the decision gets misplaced, so one may not receive it for months. The new option of receiving decisions via e-Government portal, into your electronic mailbox, was introduced five days ago. It is important to note that, when you have your eMailbox, the e-Government portal actually delivers information to your email address and tells you that you have new items in your inbox. This is exactly what significantly improved the procedure and enabled the citizens to get their electronic decisions within seven, eight, or 10 days - said NALED Policy Director, Jelena Bojović.

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