[TV N1] Women in business

NALED often organizes workshops for empowering women in business. How do these workshop function?

"We recently had the 5th weavers' colony organized in Serbia, which is one of the ways to help women dealing with handicrafts in improving their skills, being recognized as the creative force of our society, and placing their products, primarily as corporate gifts used by businesses and institutions, Such programs are also needed for educated and business women. We recently performed an analysis of the grants allocated within the national and local open calls and we saw a major disbalance. Out of all grants, four are allocated to businesses owned by men, and only one to those owned by women. The open calls are equally open for everyone, but the conditions are not the same, as they often favor large companies that engage in exports, production and are able to provide security funds. Regarding this issue, we have also worked on amendments to the Law on Real Estate Registration last year, adding an important provision that we advocated for a long time, that the real estate should be automatically registered as joint ownership for married couples", said Jovanović. 

How successful are women who start their own work, and how many of them are there?

"A recently performed survey by USAID has shown that they are very successful, that they are most successful as business owners, achieving more success than men. These results also show that they are slightly less successful as managers. Around 30% of businesses in Serbia are owned by women, which is not a low number, but we are advocating for further improvements primarily by trying to provide more opportunities to women".

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