The new fiscalization system will bring multimillion savings to businessmen

"The new model of fiscalization, in addition to modernization and digitalization of business, also means multimillion savings in money and time,  because the average annual cost only for the maintenance and use of old cash registers is around 120 euros, to which should be added the costs of archiving and storage, " said Vladislav Cvetković, President of NALED Managing Board, at the presentation of the new fiscalization system in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Cvetković also cited the example of a domestic retail chain, which spends 150,000 euros a year on toners, papers, printing and warehouse rent alone, so the new system of fiscalization and abolition of traditional control tapes is an important step towards reducing these costs and preserving the environment.

The Minister of Finance Siniša Mali, the Director of the Tax Administration Dragana Marković, the Director of the Sector for Strategic Analysis, Services and Internationalization of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Mihailo Vesović and the Secretary of the Trade Association of PKS Žarko Malinović also addressed the businesses at the conference.

"From October 15, through Tax Administration website, every taxpayer will be able to apply if they want to receive a subsidy from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which amounts to 100 euros per point of sale and 100 euros per fiscal device. Those who are not in the VAT system will receive a 20% higher subsidy for cash registers, due to the impossibility to use the input VAT, and the deadline for submitting applications is the end of January 2022, "said Mali at the beginning of the conference.

He also explained that there will be a transitional period of six months, at the request of businessmen, in order for the new system to be implemented and activities to be completed. This means that there will be no more annual cash service payments and that users will be able to use their mobile devices, computers and tablets as fiscal devices.

Director of the Tax Administration Dragana Mirković stated that this institution is undergoing an intensive transformation program, and that thanks to this model of fiscalization, the capacity for risk analysis will increase.

"A system for supporting taxpayers has been established, the function of which is to introduce taxpayers into the new model. They can also receive technical support via e-mail address: After that, we formed a unique system for approving electronic fiscal receipts, and at this moment we have over 150 registered users, potential manufacturers who are developing components of the new system. In the coming days, the first applications for obtaining approval for the use of new electronic devices are expected", Markovic specified.

The new fiscalization will enable each receipt to be recorded online at the Tax Administration, while customers will be able to check the authenticity of the receipt issued to them by simply scanning the QR code, or participate in the first digital lottery that NALED has been advocating for some time and is ready to support.

The transition to the new fiscalization system will be possible for traders from November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022. This will be one of the key measures of the National Program for Countering the Shadow Economy, which NALED has been advocating since 2014, and is ready to support its successful implementation through education of citizens and businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, and support for the introduction of digital payments.

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