NALED alliances presented their annual results and plans

NALED's six sectoral alliances bring together representatives of companies, local governments and associations with common goals and specific topics in which they want to see positive changes. At the association’s 14th Assembly, the leaders of the eGovernment, Healthcare, Property and Urbanism, Fair Competition, Food and Agriculture and the Environment Protection Alliance presented their results and plans for the coming period.

In early June, the e-Government Development Program for 2020-2022 was adopted, in the creation of which the eGovernment Alliance participated, and which plans that in the next two and a half years the largest number of public administration services will be available to citizens and businesses online or on mobile phones.

The presentation of the Grey Book of Healthcare with 50 proposals for the improving healthcare services, financing, institutions and medicines also attracted great attention from the public and line institutions. In light of the extraordinary circumstances caused by the pandemic, the Healthcare Alliance reacted quickly and formulated a set of 15 measures to ensure that the market is supplied with the necessary medicines and improve the healthcare services’ quality.

One of the results that marked the work of the Property and Urbanism Alliance is the cadaster reform, thanks to which half a million citizens who annually inherit and trade real estate through notaries save over 6.5 million euros without going to the cadaster and tax administration counters.

The Fair Competition Alliance’s activities were also marked by the reform of inspection supervision, within which the unified contact center for national inspections started working in late March, which enabled citizens during the COVID-19 crisis to easily and efficiently submit a report to any of the 44 competent inspections in a single call. Together with the Government, the Alliance members prepared a new Action Plan for the countering of the shadow economy.

A significant result was also achieved by the Food and Agriculture Alliance, which worked on facilitating electronic registration of seasonal workers in agriculture, which significantly contributed to the reduction of shadow economy and helped employ 30,000 legally.

In late 2019, NALED grew as the new Environment Protection Alliance was founded and it still is the association’s youngest working body. With a focus on packaging waste management, 40 members of the Alliance managed to initiate the preparation of two significant studies in a short time - for the introduction of a deposit system, as well as the extended producer responsibility system.

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