A public debate on the Draft Digitalization Program in the healthcare system of Serbia is underway

A round table on the Draft Digitalization Program in the healthcare system for the period from 2022 to 2026 was held today via Zoom platform, and all interested citizens and the professional public are invited to read the document and submit their comments no later than November 25, when the public debate closes.

Initiatives, proposals and suggestions are submitted to the Ministry of Healthcare via e-mail digitalization@zdravlje.gov.rs or by mail to the address of the relevant ministry Nemanjina 22-26, 11 000 Belgrade, with the indication "Draft program and action plan for digitalization in the healthcare system of the Republic of Serbia"

The text of the Draft Digitalization Program in the healthcare system of the Republic of Serbia and the Action Plan for the implementation of the Program are available on the website of the Ministry of Healthcare and eGovernment portal:  https://www.zdravlje.gov.rs/tekst/361386/nacrt-programa-digitalizacije-u-zdravstvenom-sistemu-republike-srbije-za-period-2022-2026-i-akcionom-planu-za-sprovodjenje-programa-digitalizacije-u-zdravstvenom-sistemu-republike-srbije-za-period-2022-2023-godine.php

The draft Digitization Program in the healthcare system and the Action Plan were delivered to over 300 addresses of healthcare institutions.

After the end of the public debate procedure, the Ministry of Healthcare will analyze all the received remarks and will make a consolidated report which will be publicly available on the ministry's website and e-government portal, no later than 15 days from the end of the discussion.


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