Abolish registration stamp for cars

WeTransfer link for downloading TV statement: Aleksandar Blagojević, Vide President of NALED's E-Government Alliance

Registration stamps for cars, motorcycles and tractors should be eliminated, as it has little useful value, but it imposes significant expenses to citizens and businesses on an annual basis - it is recommended in NALED's Grey Book 11, involving 100 recommendations by businesses, local governments and civil society organizations for simplifying administrative procedures.

The stamp is placed in bottom right corner of car windshields, being one of the mandatory elements of registration and a confirmation that a vehicle can egage in traffic. It includes the car's license plates number, the date of expiration and indicaion of registration area, though this data is already available on the license plate, car license and Police records. 

- The process of issuing stamps requires payment of two fees amounting to 400 RSD, and given that there are at least 1.8 million vehicles registered in Serbia each year, the calculation shows that citizens and businesses pay nearly 800 million dinars annually for an item that has little useful value, except for the police officer to check visually whether the car has been registered, and a reminder for the owner about the date of expiration.

The proposed amendment to the Law on Road Safety and the Rulebook on registration would reduce the unnecessary administrative costs, and hence the price and time needed to perform registration, thus enabling significant savings – says Aleksandar Blagojević, Vice President of NALED's E-Government Alliance.

A good solution for informing drivers about approaching deadlines for the renewal of registration would be an option where the eGovernment system would inform them a month ahead, via e-mail or SMS, and via the eGovernment portal. This would also be practical for state institutions, since they would have citizens' up-to-date contacts (e-mail address and mobile phone number), and the vehicle owners would have the task to enter their contact details on the web portal if they wish to receive notifications.

The practice with registration stamps varies from country to country - in some, they haven't been introduced at all, while in some the stamps are mandatory and placed on the windshield or the license plate. There are some that abolished them after they were in use for some time, like the Netherlands and Great Britain, and they now check the info about registration and paid taxes electronically. Most countries in the region do not have the registration stamps.

In addition to being an administrative expense, the registration stamp in Serbia can also generate a penalty if it is imporperly placed. For citizens, the law stipulates a minimum of 10,000 RSD fee, for entrepreneurs the amounts range from 30,000 to 200,000 RSD, while businesses may have to pay from 50,000 to 600,000 RSD.

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