[RTS] Administration is not a problem for big investors, it burdens small businesses

The 15th Grey Book on economic reforms in Serbia, as well as recommendations for cutting the red tape and improving business conditions, will be presented today. This year, the Grey Book contains 100 of the most significant recommendations of the economy, local self-governments and civil society organizations. Director for competitiveness and investments in NALED, Dušan Vasiljević, said in a guest appearance on the Morning Show that a lot has been done in 15 years, thanks to digitization.

"Businessmen feel it, it is possible to do much more from the armchair, the queues are shorter at the counters," stated Vasiljević and added that many things were done even before the pandemic, but that the pandemic only encouraged many things when it comes to digitization. According to him, it is very important that the state's attitude towards the economy has changed and that it has recognized that it is the key to the country's competitiveness.

He says that since last year, 12 recommendations out of 100 have been accepted, which does not look impressive, but he adds that most of the recommendations go to the Ministry of Finance, but that they also implemented most of the recommendations in the previous year, "Foreign investors are relatively little bothered by our administration. . If you are a large foreign investor, the doors of ministers and mayors are open to you, countries compete for large investments. They are not overly burdened by that administration, the administration primarily burdens small businessmen and the Gray Book is important for them. "For those who cannot enter the minister's office and solve problems one on one," said Vasiljević.

He noted that the biggest problem is property-legal relations, but that progress is being made in that area as well. "We are talking about tens of thousands of pending cases. It affects the economy. In the Gray Book, you can find what the state should do to solve it," says the director for competitiveness and investments in NALED. Vasiljević said that businessmen are most bothered by surprises, they are ready to pay more, but to know how much they will pay.

You can watch the recording of the show at the link.

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