NALED, as part of Serbia's delegation, visited biotechnology campuses in South Korea

Taking into account the expertise and experience of Korean experts in the fields of biotechnology, biomedicine, and biodiversity, the Serbian delegation spent the previous week on a study visit to South Korea, during which they met with numerous scientists and doctors from some of the most significant research institutions of this country.

Leading the delegation was the advisor to the Prime minister and director of the company BIO4, Smiljana Krivokuća. Alongside representatives from NALED, the delegation comprised members of the Government, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science, innovation, and technological development, the Republic secretariat for legislation, and the Center for the fourth industrial revolution (C4IR).

With the aim of exchanging experiences and learning from examples of good practice, the delegation visited KMEDI Hub in the city of Daegu, the National institute of health - Vaccine testing center, Osong KBIO Health Hub, and the company Celltrion.

KMEDI Hub and Osong KBIO Health Hub are complexes in South Korea established to support the development of the medical industry, research, innovation, and commercialization of biomedical technologies. What sets these complexes apart globally is their successful integration of research, development, and industry, focusing on supporting the development of biomedical technologies, including regenerative medicine, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as innovative support models for startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Campuses like these serve as models for the development of the BIO4 campus, a new bioeconomic hub in our country and the wider region.

An important part of the visit was a bilateral meeting with the Korean ministry of food and drug safety, which in 2023 was recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the first three regulatory agencies in the world operating at the highest global standards (WHO-Listed Authority). Experiences were exchanged regarding the development of regulations that follow advanced trends in the application of legislation in this field, such as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the development of drugs and medical devices.

The study visit was conducted through a knowledge exchange program between Serbia and South Korea, with the Serbian delegation hosted by colleagues from the Korean development institute.

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