Meeting of the E-Government Alliance held

The overview of NALED's ongoing and recently completed projects in the field of electronic governance, the presentation of new leadership and the degree of realization of the Action Plan of the eGovernment Alliance 2020 - 2022 are key topics discussed today at the regular session of this working body.

The old - new leadership of NALED's eGovernment Alliance alongside President Željko Tomić (OSA), Dejan Turk (A1), Aleksandar Blagojević (OTP Banka) and Nikola Dašić (City of Kragujevac) was joined by Ivan Živković (Microsoft Software), who will serve as vice president, Diana Gligorijević (Telegroup), the new head of the Working Group on Cloud, Data and Information Security, and Predrag Panić (Mobi Banka), the new head of the Electronic and Cashless Payment Working Group, will contribute to the alliance.

After the ceremonial presentation of the members, Ana Milovanović, Policy Specialist in NALED, addressed the attendees, and took the opportunity to remind management about NALED’s current and recently completed projects in the field of electronic governance.

-Today's session is a good reason for us to remember everything NALED has achieved in cooperation with partners in the field of improving electronic governance, but also what is currently on the agenda of our alliance. In this regard, I would like to highlight the project to improve electronic delivery funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which is implemented in cooperation with the Office for IT and EU Governance, the European Union-funded Local eGovernment Index project, a project supporting the establishment of an eInvoice system in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, a project to support small and medium-sized enterprises "Grow Small" funded by the British Embassy , as well as a project to promote cashless payment "Cashless Initiative" which is implemented in cooperation with VISA and MasterCard companies – Milovanovic said.

When it comes to NALED digital initiatives, today's session also presented work on optimizing the procedure for the purchase of used vehicles and on the new formula for calculating taxes on the transfer of absolute rights, the procedure of introducing electronic application for parking sticker and parking space for persons with disabilities, as well as the initiative for forming a government’s expert group to facilitate conditions for the installation of radio-based mobile telephone stations. As for the state projects, the meeting presented the initiative for "eSickLeave", which implies that remittances and sick leave applications are delivered electronically.

In addition, participants had the opportunity to learn more about new qualified cloud-based services, and the highlighted important regulatory news such as the Amendments to the Law on Companies, the Law on Registration Procedure in the BRA, the adopted by-laws to the Law on Electronic Invoicing, changes to the Rulebook on Qualified Electronic Delivery, amendments to the Law on Electronic Communications, Data Center Regulation and Long-Distance Identification Regulation.

The session also discussed the level of realization of the Action Plan of the Alliance 2020-2022, in which members were notified that 77% of activities have been realized or their implementation is underway, while 23% of activities have yet to be implemented.

In the coming period, the emphasis will be on the realization of planned activities, as well as the proposals presented at the session – linking all available databases on the service bus of the bodies with local governments, as well as work on the initiative for digitization of documents in the field of labor relations. A new session has been announced to present the results of an opinion survey of citizens, businesses and local governments on the EU's "LEI" (Local eGovernment Index) project, as well as a workshop with members of the Alliance to set priorities and topics for the next five years, which will also be included in NALED's new Strategic Plan.

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