The international fair Energy decentral / Euro Tire is open

Today, the international fair "Energy decentral / Euro Tire" was opened, which offers experts and investors a comprehensive overview of technological development, products and services in the fields of bioenergy, biomass, renewable energy sources and decentralized energy supply technologies. "Euro Tire" is one of the world's most comprehensive exhibitions for professional animal husbandry and agriculture, as well as products and technologies related to professional animal husbandry, livestock breeding programs and technologies and environmental protection technologies. The fair is organized in digital format and lasts until February 12.

NALED organized participation in this fair for 17 participants from Serbia and Croatia through the project Establishment of sustainable cross-border clusters (CBC Clusters). Participants are representatives of local governments and companies from the program area that includes 5 districts in Serbia (North Backa, West Backa, South Backa, Srem and Macva) and 4 counties in Croatia (Osijek-Baranja, Vukovar-Syrmia, Brod-Posavina, Pozega-Slavonia).

Participants will have the opportunity to attend conferences on various topics related to modern agriculture, environmental protection, renewable energy sources and energy decentralization, as well as to be introduced to best practices of energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable farms and enterprises. Participants will have at their disposal over 1200 exhibitors and investors from all over the world with whom they will be able to participate in personalized presentations about products and services in the field of fair topics.

Organizing a visit to the fair is a component of NALED's activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of cross-border clusters, both management structures and (potential) cluster members. Within the CBC Clusters project, two clusters were established, one in the sector of agriculture and new technologies in agriculture and it is in Sombor, and the other in the sector of the paper industry and machinery and it is in Belisce. The clusters were established with the aim of better transfer of knowledge, skills, and encouragement of cooperation between small and medium enterprises, institutions and organizations from the cross-border region on removing obstacles in production, research and development, marketing and improving overall competitiveness. The project is co-financed with the help of EU funds.

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