Information security trainings for small and medium enterprises initiatedti

In the premises of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Nišav, Pirot and Toplički districts, a training cycle aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises on the topic of information security was successfully started. The trainings are conducted in partnership between NALED and the National Certa of Serbia at RATEL and in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The lecturer was Branislav Dobrosavljević, an expert in this field for many years, from the company Advanced Cyber Security. Almost 30 representatives of small and medium-sized companies, public companies, and lawyers attended the educational training.

At the beginning, participants were addressed by Aleksandar Milićević, Director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Serbia in Niš, Marko Krstić, Ph.D., Head of the Information Security Service and Affairs of the National CERT, and Ilija Gavrilović, Policy Officer in NALED.

- NALED recognized the importance of information security and the need to strengthen the capacities not only of local officials, but also of the private sector. That's why we decided to start a new cycle of cooperation with the National CERT of Serbia at RATEL and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, in order to provide local companies with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basics of information security and, more importantly, how to recognize and protect themselves from potential cyber attacks - emphasized Ilija Gavrilović, Policy Officer in NALED.

During the training, participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the regulatory framework of information security in Serbia and the European Union, to learn to recognize and prevent cyber attacks, as well as useful tools that can help them in their daily work. Also, the participants were presented with the activities that the National CERT of Serbia does, including educational publications and video material available on the website "For a safer click".

In the following period, it is planned to hold two more trainings on the same topic, in the premises of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the North Bačka District in Subotica on December 15 and in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade on December 18.

The training cycle is carried out within the StarTech project, which was financially supported by Philip Morris International. In the previous period, trainings on the subject of information security were conducted for IT administrators of local government units.

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