Third cycle of information security trainings for IT administrators

During October and early November 2023, NALED, in cooperation with the National CERT of Serbia at RATEL, organized the third cycle of training for IT administrators in local governments in three terms - October 24 and 25 and November 1. Participants were trained to detect potential cyber threats, defend against potential cyber attacks and recover systems on the state-of-the-art CyberBitRange platform.

The lecturers were experts from the National CERT, and the training was attended by 22 IT experts from 17 local government units throughout Serbia.

- The participants showed great interest in improving and acquiring new knowledge, and during the training itself they showed an enviable level of knowledge of the basics of information security. They also emphasized the need to participate in similar trainings in the field of information security, because they recognized its importance in everyday work - said Ilija Gavrilović, Policy Officer in NALED.

In support of this is the evaluation questionnaire that was carried out after the trainings, which showed that the vast majority of officials were satisfied with the trainings (4.90/5 rating) and especially with the professionalism of the lecturers, the clarity of presentation and the usefulness and possibility of applying the acquired knowledge.

- NALED recognized the importance of information security at the local level and the need to strengthen the capacities of officials in local self-government units. The main impression is that the participants are not only enthusiastic about the training concept, but also want training on similar topics in the future. NALED will continue further cooperation with the National CERT of Serbia at RATEL in the upcoming period as well - emphasized Gavrilović.

Cooperation between NALED and RATEL in the field of information security began in 2018, when the first PEN testing was done in local self-government units. Then, in 2020, a consecutive analysis of the state of information security at the local level was carried out, and in 2022, two cycles of 11 trainings were conducted in which 44 IT experts from 37 local government units participated.

During December, in cooperation with NALED, RATEL and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, trainings for small and medium-sized enterprises on the subject of information security were planned, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications.

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