The work on regulations concerning information security is intensifying

In the upcoming period, NALED will provide support to the Ministry of information and telecommunications in drafting the action plan of the information society and information security strategy, as well as in the adoption of three sublegal acts of the Law on information security. This was noted at the session of the working group for information security and digital infrastructure within the Alliance for eGovernment, hosted by Irena Đorđević Šušić, Head of the digitalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship unit at NALED.

Diana Gligorijević, head of the working group from Telegroup, emphasized that the goal for this year will be to continue training sessions for local governments and small and medium-sized enterprises in the domain of information security, as well as to devote more attention to the development of artificial intelligence and collaboration with the Institute for artificial intelligence.

The session was dedicated to presenting the first draft sublegal act of the Law on information security, which is also the most important one. Ana Milovanović, regulatory reform coordinator at NALED, presented the regulation to the members, focusing on general criteria for determining sectors and sub-sectoral thresholds. She emphasized the necessity of involving a greater number of relevant stakeholders in drafting sectoral criteria, considering the significance of the regulation and the obligations it will introduce after adoption.

Milan Vojvodić, Head of the department for regulation in the field of the information society at the Ministry of information and telecommunications, presented the working group members with the ministry's plans regarding information security. He emphasized that work will begin on drafting sublegal acts, with the adoption of the regulation prepared by NALED's working group for information security and digital infrastructure being a priority. As he announced, this year will also see the start of amending the Law on electronic document, as the regulation governing this area will also be amended at the EU level."

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