Post Office issued 170,000 parameters for registering on eGovernment portal in 2023

Since the beginning of the year, citizens have most often turned to Post Office workers for help in opening an account on the eGovernment Portal. In less than four months, the clerks at the counters of this public company issued nearly 170,000 parameters for logging into the portal via mobile phone and the ConsentID application, which is four times more compared to the previous two years, since the branch offices started providing this service.

This result was particularly influenced by the recently enabled registration for the eAgrar system, and thanks to the obtained parameters, citizens will be able to use a wider range of services provided by the eGovernment portal and the portals of the APR, Local Tax Administration, eHealth, eInvoices and others.

Milica Spasić, Director of the Information Technology, Electronic Communications and Development Function at the Post of Serbia, assesses that the company with a network of over 1,500 branches has positioned itself as one of the main actors in the field of eGovernment development, and citizens are assured of efficient access to numerous electronic services. As one of the five certification bodies, Post Office is also a trusted service provider - issuing a qualified certificate for electronic signature and electronic seal.

- Since 2008, more than 166,000 qualified electronic certificates have been issued to natural persons or representatives of legal entities, that are being used for the needs of electronic services. In addition, we have expanded the range of services, and since 2021, more than 870 users have decided to introduce an electronic seal in their business through our organizational units - says Milica Spasić.

As, over time, digitization has become imperative for all businesses seeking to gain an advantage in the market and attract new users, the need to improve the services of public companies was imposed.

- The Post of Serbia is one of the pioneers of digitization in Serbia through the modernization of its services, both those that are publicly available to citizens and those that concern business users. We strive to be competitive on the market with our services and available wherever users are, and in modern times they have mostly moved to the online world. One of the examples is the opening of a modern online store "ePhilately" with postage stamps and other philatelic products - says Spasić.

According to her, by digitalizing the reception and delivery process, it will be possible for users to receive more precise information when they can expect the delivery person, to communicate with them, to easily redirect their parcels to the parcel machine or to pick them up at the post office. The Post Office will also release a new version of its mobile application with an expanded set of functionalities, including the possibility of paying postage by cash on delivery and electronic money, i.e. payment cards.

As a reminder, in addition to Post Office counters, citizens who wish to register on the eGovernment Portal and become users of a total of 138 available services can request help at specialized city and municipal administration counters in 106 local governments. After successful registration via mobile phone, tablet or computer, citizens can, among other things, enroll their child in kindergarten or school, make an appointment for the issuance of personal documents, pay taxes or perform some other service "from the comfort of their armchair". It is planned that by 2024, 40 new eCounters will be opened and at least four new services will be established on the eGovernment Portal, and NALED will provide support to local governments and relevant institutions in the realization of this goal.

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